Stentex is here to enhance the way ACS is treated by providing access to and delivering the most technically advanced and clinically proven therapies produced in Russia.

At the critical moment of need in emergency ACS cases, Stentex products are the ones to reach for in the cath lab. Designed to work together as part of an integrated ACS System, Stentex products simplify the process of treating acute coronary care patients and delivers improved clinical outcomes. Stentex innovative and intelligent packaging makes selecting the right products for the right indication fast, simple, and secure.

  • DES (Drug Eluting Stent)
    Designed to deliver the best clinical outcomes in most ACS cases, our drug-eluting coronary stent includes proven Zotarolimus drug and the innovative biocompatible polymer with extended drug elution.
  • BMS (Bare Metal Stent)
    A proven standard option for ACS treatment. A high tech cobalt alloy defines the gold standard in stent deliverability. Engineered for structural performance, flexibility and conformability.
  • SC POBA (Semicompliant balloon dilatation catheter)
    Our semi-compliant balloon helps physicians determine lesion characteristics, and facilitates stent access to the lesions to reopen a coronary artery.
  • NC POBA (Noncompliant balloon dilatation catheter)
    High-pressure capability and controlled expansion of a noncompliant balloon provides balloon dilatation of a coronary artery occlusion and the ability to optimize stent sizing after deployment.
  • Aspiration catheter
    Our aspiration catheter is engineered to remove clots from blood vessels and arteries to counter the effects of thrombosis in acute myocardial infarction.